Middle East dispatch / agonizing choice of the Self-Defense Forces ...

The situation in the Middle East with a focus on Saudi Arabia Middle East dispatch / agonizing choice cornerstone of Self-Defense Forces to diplomacy That it can be said that there is no Japanese weak point of resources, it would be the Middle East is an artery of the oil supply. During the Iran Iraq war and the Gulf War in the past, but was asked the international contribution visible to the eye, it has been surpassed by, for example, to contribute large sums of money. Thereafter, according to the such as the resolution of the UN Security Council, it has taken measures such as to activities in the Self-Defense Forces only to the consumer aspects such as humanitarian aid. This new policy is probably to do influence in a position to have set a neutral in the region. The government is based on the deterioration of the situation in the Middle East, it instructed the relevant agencies to consider to dispatch Self-Defense Forces to the local. Expected to escort is dispatched, such as the Arabian Peninsula, the southern part of Oman off the coast in the new year.

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